Howard and Robin Bashing Gary for Staying Home During Hurricane Sandy

Well… normally I almost always agree with Howard when he bashes some one on air. This time he is just making me incensed. Both he and Robin are really really irritating me- almost to the point where I wanted to turn off the radio. I can honestly see a side to Howard I have never seen before- very passive aggressive and Diva like.
I do admire Howards Stern’s work ethic, However is is just way off base on the piling on of his staff for staying with their homes and families. After telling his staff to make the decision that was best and SAFEST for their families. So say that and mean it.

Its an effing radio show. To lambast your staff for staying home with scared wives and small children is really weird and shows you how out of touch he and robin are with the Real World. Maybe this is why his first marriage failed- putting the show above his family and children. This was a major storm and their were all kinds of prediction about how awful it would be.

I guess I am not so pissed about him being ticked staffers stayed home- it was that he said one thing and meant another. You cant suck and blow at same time. You can tell people to stay at home if they need to then BLAST them for doing so.
So either say you will be pissed or say you wont be and mean it.
Really an ugly side of Howard that changed my opinion of him. I think he has a mean streak that borders on abusive.

I am listening to re-run now going off on Doug Goodstein. Listing how he wanted to stay home and was worried about his family too.. that he had young children once, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Now hearing that Beth ASKED him to stay home and he didn’t. I can tell you that probably did more damage to her trust and faith in him that he realizes.

Now Robin going on about protecting family- WOW. Sometimes you need to be there and comfort them.
Our power was out for most of the storm and I can tell you they need me to keep them calm. Robin and Howard thinking like idiots and look stupid keeping on this track.

What’s Wrong with Robin?

What is wrong with Robin Quiver’s from Howard Stern Show on Sirius/Xm?
They rarely talk about it- it was mentioned when she first started doing the show from home and then after that is is seems that the fact the Robin Quivers is not in Studio 69 SEEMS to be a secret. I am not sure if its out of respect for her privacy or it is just so serious that the show is not discussing. Although I don’t understand why she wouldn’t share her health information . Bottom line its none of our business anyway.

Does Robin Quivers have Cancer?

A lot of speculation – the most bizarre I have heard is that she had gastric bypass surgery. I seriously doubt it. Robin is far to health conscious to do… you need a hight BMI for a doctor to agree and I think she is no longer overweight and if she is it is only 10-20 lbs.
If it was hysterectomy than recovery is usually 6-8 weeks and she should have been back by now.

The one I think is most likely and very sad is that she has cancer. She had large mass removed and that’s all we know. It could be cancer which is why she has been gone from show so long- doing chemo, etc.
Some other clues have been how emotional Howard was when she was gone from the show- at one point almost sounds like a eulogy and I think Howard was near tears.

Doing a show without Robin is like cutting off my left arm. Or my right arm. Or maybe both.
“She was my backbone, you understand,” Stern said. “Where I would lose courage, Robin always had the courage. She always is the brave one. Always the brave one with me. I could go to her, and I could always rely on her.”

I have come to really admire and respect Robot over last few years and if she is ill she is handling it very well- must be hard doing it without partner or children. I gather from show she has lots of friends to help her though this.
AT any rate I wish Robin the best and think she is handling herself with usual grace.

Is it Rude that Howard is NOT going to Richards Wedding?

Today Howard came out with his offical Answer- Howard Stern will NOT be Going to Richard Christy’s wedding next month.
Is it rude for him not to go?Mmmm… yes I think it is. His whining about it very very annoying and comes across elitist and selfish.
Maybe the not going wouldn’t be so bad if he didnt go on and on and on about it- or suggest that Richard should have picked better date FOR HOWARD.
It been driving me crazy. Same with when he whined about buying Christmas gifts for the staff. What pissed me off was how he chose that time to not be anyone’s boss.. saying SIRIUS was boss not him. Except he’s boss every other time.
Getting back to Richard’s wedding- he has behaved like a dick.
I thought today he came up with an okay compromise- asking Richard what he would like to do- force him to to weeding or letting him off the hook and Howard will get him great gift and dinner with him and Beth sometime.

What do you think? How do you think Howard Stern should have handled the Richard Christy wedding dilemma?

Does Robin Quivers Know It All Antics Bother you?

I have been listening since 1997and rarely have I missed a show. I do consider myself a SUPER fan.
Most people I know cant stand to listen so I normally listen to Howard Stern show alone,… doing housework.. cooking .. driving etc.
My ex-husband HATED him. Unusual fro the wife to ike Howard and husbnad no a fan, I know.
My most recent boyfriend has started listening and actually enjoys Howard ( yay!!!) .. The first few times he made stupid comment that a newbie would make and is only NOW starting to appreciate just ow GREAT Howard really is.
I happen to thin he is under rated as an interviewer and entertainer in general.
A mark of goof interviewer is someone who can make ANYONE interesting and Howard Stern can do it like no one else.
I still tune out when he goes gaga for porn stars but its listenable.
Last few times he has listened with me he has made comments- unsolicited form me- Have you ever noticed how Robin ALWAYS says she knows answer but then doesn’t?
Had to laugh out loud- after 4 shows he picked up on it!
He constant pretending to know the answer doesn’t bother me that much- we all know people in real life that do it- but I know it drives some people crazy.
Does it it bug you?

Pissed I can get Howard Stern on my iPhone AND no more Howard Stern on Pocket Tunes !!

Argh. I am in Canada and cant get iphone app for Howard with an American Sirius account. I also can tlisten to Howard on Pocket Tunes app anymore. Pocket Tunes is was such a great app!!
Sirius now used a flash based player for its online content- AND iphone does not support flash. DOUBLE ARGH.

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