Does Robin Quivers Know It All Antics Bother you?

I have been listening since 1997and rarely have I missed a show. I do consider myself a SUPER fan.
Most people I know cant stand to listen so I normally listen to Howard Stern show alone,… doing housework.. cooking .. driving etc.
My ex-husband HATED him. Unusual fro the wife to ike Howard and husbnad no a fan, I know.
My most recent boyfriend has started listening and actually enjoys Howard ( yay!!!) .. The first few times he made stupid comment that a newbie would make and is only NOW starting to appreciate just ow GREAT Howard really is.
I happen to thin he is under rated as an interviewer and entertainer in general.
A mark of goof interviewer is someone who can make ANYONE interesting and Howard Stern can do it like no one else.
I still tune out when he goes gaga for porn stars but its listenable.
Last few times he has listened with me he has made comments- unsolicited form me- Have you ever noticed how Robin ALWAYS says she knows answer but then doesn’t?
Had to laugh out loud- after 4 shows he picked up on it!
He constant pretending to know the answer doesn’t bother me that much- we all know people in real life that do it- but I know it drives some people crazy.
Does it it bug you?

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