About Mrs. Stern

I am huge fan though not quite a super-fan, of Howard Stern. I have been listening religiously since 1997. In the past 4 years I think I may have missed a handful of shows. My husband used to be an occasional listener but he became offended once in 2001 when listening to “Its Just Wrong”.. apparently it was :-)

My favourite whackacker is probalbly Eric the midget .. beetle juice makes me feel sick.. My favourite “cast” member is Artie. I used to like Richard Christie when he first came on but ow I just find him revolting. I wish they would fire both him and Sal… OR hire a new ‘team” for them to be competitive against.. would get the juices flowing.

My favourite parts fo the show are when Howard just talks or rambles or the whole groups chit chat .. or some one gets yelled at. The sybian rides, etc don;t offend me but I do tune out when they come on.
I get sqeamish when they make fun of Gary the Retard and Wendy.

I think Howard is one f the lost underwater performers that has ever lived. For hims to sustain a show for several hours a day an dbe fresh an interesting is unprecedented.

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