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Pictures of Howard Stern’s Wedding- Howard Stern Gets Married

Howard Stern married his long time girl Beth O. yesterday. The two celebrated with friends at new York’s L:e Cirque restaurant yesterday , October 3rd 2008.

Not invited was Sal .. for fear he would ruin the wedding with his stupid antics.
As Howard has mentioned Phoebe Snow sang a song for Howard and his bride. Billy Joel also performed- “The Stranger” . Other celebrities including Chevy Chase, Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel and Barbara Walters.

I am not sure, but I think may have been legally married earlier in Summer with his family

First Pics of Howard Stern’s Wedding

howard stern weddingwedding”

Picture of Howard Stern’s Wedding Tattoo : Howard’s B Tattoo

Howard Stern mentioned several times since his engagement to Beth O. that he would be getting a tattoo of Beth’s initial on his ring finger instead of the tradition wedding band.
I actually think this marriage will work and he makes a great deal of effort into making his relationships work- especially with Beth.

In August he had the tattoo done by his favourite tattoo artist, Shanghai Kate. ( Note if I wear ever to get a tattoo- Shannhai Kate is who I would want to do it! ) .

Here is a picture of Howard’s “B” tattoo for Beth.
howard stern B tattooring.png

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