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Pics of Miss Howard TV- New Miss Howard TV June: Gracie

New Miss Howard TV June: Gracie
As usual Artie went nutty for the newest Miss Howard TV girl in the studio on today’s show. Declaring her the “hottest one ever”. Both Howard and Robin tried to push Artie into proposing to her. The latest Miss Howard TV ( Gracie- I forget last name) is originally from Maryland and now work in Miami as as stripper at one of Rick’s Cabaret clubs, Tootsie’s.
I was very curious to see what she looked like- as Howard and Artie went on and on about how hot she is. I have to say on this one i don’t get it. Maybe its the pictures, horrible tan or PINK lipstick. I hate the stripper look but then I am not a guy :-)

Pics of Miss Howard TV June: Gracie

Keeley Hazell- Mr Skin Award Winner of Best Breasts 2008

Keeley Hazell wins 2008 Best Breasts. Mr. Skin of mrskin.com whose site feature nude clips and stills from mainstream movies was on Howard Stern Show announcing the 2008 Mr. Skin Skinatomy Awards. She was picked because for her performance in “Cashback”. She is famous for her all natural 32E breasts. They are pretty nice, I must say.

here are some pictures of Keeley Hazell and her award winning breasts
keeley hazell nude breasts
Keeley Hazell Mr. Skin Best Breasts Award for Cashback
keeley Hazell naked picture of breasts

Keeley Hazell Picture
keeley Hazell squatting

Penthouse Pet Prinzzess Rides Sybian And A Date With Artie?

Wow- what a show today. Was one of those days that I was laughing out loud. I don;t listen to the show “live” that much – I have to admit things do seem funnier when you here it live. I literally cold not stop laughing when Artie kept taking his Subutex during the sybian rides of Penthouse Pet Prinzzess and her girlfriend. Howard could barely contain himself as well.

Have to admit… I got a bit aroused listening as well.

Two girls, Prinzzess ( Princess?) and Erica Ellyson met up with Arie a few weeks ago in Vegas and came on the show today. Nicole is Prinzzess’s girlfriend.

The two girls, Prinzzess and then her friend Nicole rode the Sybian together and then agreed to give Artie a good time tonight, after Artie’s taping at the David Letterman show. I may have to set alarm for 6am to catch what happens. Artie is by far one of my favorites on the show and anything eh does makes me laugh. Artie fell HEAD over heels for their friend, Nicole. The show is set to air on Howard TV On Demand tomorrow night.

Here are some pics of Artie’s Penthouse Girls:

Prinzzess from the Sybian- Howard Stern Show

Prinzzess was Penthouse Pet of the Month in October 2004.

prinzzess howard stern artie lange
prinzzess 2
prinzzess 3
prinzzess stern show
Prinzzess or Princess? Rides Sybian on Howard Stern Show today : http://www.howardstern.com/

R-Rated Pics of Penthouse’s Prinzzess, seen today on the Howard Stern show

Nude Pics of Erica Ellyson

My Space Page For Prinzzess and Erica

Penthouse Pet Victoria Zdrok Rides the Sybian on The Howard Stern Show

Penthouse pet of the Year (2004) Victoria Zdrok came on the Howard Stern Show this week ( pun intended) and rode the Sybian.
Dr. Victoria Zdrok writes an advice column for Penthouse magazine. She has a post-graduate degree in sex therapy.

I personally found her quite annoying- she just talks too much and ruins things by talking. She got very clinical and chatty about 2 seconds after having an orgasm on the sybian- which made me think it was fake… He lips are also WAY to plumped up. He advice about oral sex was dead on. Gary and Sal going on about how women change their mind and want different things- not true. Her advice was perfect. But she is just plain irritating. Zdrok reminds me of all the women I have met that think/know they are hot and used to getting all kinds of attention and think every one is fascinated by everything they say or do. May work with men but other women HATE it! Howard seemed to lap it up ( surprise!) hard to know if he is annoyed by her as other- on the wrap up show other people mentioned she was bit over the top as well.. at one point she eat a banana and talks with it in her mouth. YUK.

I am not a fan of the porn star moments and did nothing for me- except maybe she is an advocate of of breastfeeding … and I am good with that ;-)

victorian zdrok sybian

her website : http://www.planetvictoria.com/

Where legal: Victoria Zdrok on the Sybian videos
Pictures on the Howard Stern Site

Howard Stern Show Reaction to Jillian Grace Pregnant by David Spade

Wow! What a bombshell. Jillian Grace was “discovered” on the Howard Stern show during a segment where girls come in to see if they are hot enough for Playboy and then Howard will pass on the photos to Playboy. In this case, Jillian Grace was..
She became Playboy’s centerfold March 2006.

The bombshell is that she is claiming to be pregnant with David Spade’s baby! In appearance Jillian made over the last year since appearing in Playboy the cast of Howard Stern made many jokes about who she would be banging when she went to Hollywood- ironically David Spade’s name camw up twice! Neither David ro Jilian have confirmed or denied the pregnancy.

Pictures of Jillian Grace

jillian grace photo

jillian grace picture

Naked Pictures of Jillian Grace

You can see nude pictures of Jillian Grace on these websites:
Lots of free nude pictures of Jillian Grace here

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