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Charlie Murphy on Howard Stern Show

I hate to introduce him this way- he must get so sick of it- buy Charlie Murphy is a comic AND brother of Eddie Murphy. He was quit open about it and didn’t seem annoyed at all on today’s; Howard Stern show where he discussed his time with Dave Chappelle and what he think he happened – did Dave Chappelle have a nervous breakdown? Charlie refused to speculate an thought maybe he just anted out and wanted to spend quality time with his kids.

Charlie Murphy made several references to kids, being a comedian and not seeing your kids, never being home, etc and he did nto say it in a way that made me think he liked it. Got the impression he didn’t like life on the road and was missing family life. ( Maybe he should spend some time with Sal)

Was an okay interview= not sure if he would have been without the Eddie Murphy connection , tho.

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