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Jimmy Kimmel’s I’m Fucking Ben Affleck Video

In response to the HILARIOUS Sarah Silverman I’m Fucking Matt Damon video- here is Jimmy Kimmel’r respond… WOW!
Star studded and clever- these two have to be my favourite couple!

Sarah Silverman Video for Jimmy Kimmel- I’m Fucking Matt Damon

Howard brought this up on his radio show while I was away- I FINALLY got to see it yesterday- it is beyond funny. Every night on his show when Jimmy Kimmel signs off on his show, he apologizes to Matt Damon- saying he sorry he had to bump him and maybe next time…

Uncensored version of Sara Silverman’ Video for Jimmy Kimmel- I’m Fucking Matt Damon

See response from Jimmy Kimmel- the “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck Video”

Boxing Day Deals- Best Prices on Toshiba HD DVD Players

Yes- I know it is a bit off topic. I have been trying to find my husband an HD DVD player and coming across some interesting and little known deals.
Don’t forget- that you will also get 5 or more (up to 10 in some cases) FREE HD DVD movies with mail in rebate from Toshiba. Here is the mail in rebate form This offer is good up until March 31, 2008.

Bt Far the best deal was the Future Shop ( in Canada) Toshiba HD DVD Player (HD-D3) for 99.99. This deal actually crashed their website when it went live on Christmas Eve, leaving thousands of online buyers irate. Many lined up at about 11 pm Christmas day to try snag one Boxing Day when most stores opened at 6am. ( I can;t believe I did this- but I did try and go to try and surprise DH… I got there about 5am and there were already 500+ people waiting and 100 players.. so no luck :( I just bought the player on Amazon below and like the waiting in cold, 10 movies and free ship for 50.00 more.

Amazon Has These Toshiba HD DVD’s

Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player with free next day shipping, and 10 free HD DVD movies. for 163.00

Same player above, Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD Player bought through Amazon but and shipped 3rd party from Crutchfield’ and s 149.00. same 10 for HD DVD movies but no free next day ship.

The Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player reg. $399.99 and selling for $244.30 & this item ships for free, plus the 10 HD DVD’s .

The 1080p model, Toshiba HD-A35 1080p HD DVD Player is regular price $499.99 and now $349.98 with free ship and 10 dvd’s.

Circuit city has the Toshiba HD DVD Player A-20 1080p for 249.00. Amazon has samerefurbished for 228.99 + 10.99 ship via SuperSaver

Bestbuy.com has the luke warm Toshiba – HD DVD High-Definition DVD Player HD-A3 for 199.99.

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