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Is it Rude that Howard is NOT going to Richards Wedding?

Today Howard came out with his offical Answer- Howard Stern will NOT be Going to Richard Christy’s wedding next month.
Is it rude for him not to go?Mmmm… yes I think it is. His whining about it very very annoying and comes across elitist and selfish.
Maybe the not going wouldn’t be so bad if he didnt go on and on and on about it- or suggest that Richard should have picked better date FOR HOWARD.
It been driving me crazy. Same with when he whined about buying Christmas gifts for the staff. What pissed me off was how he chose that time to not be anyone’s boss.. saying SIRIUS was boss not him. Except he’s boss every other time.
Getting back to Richard’s wedding- he has behaved like a dick.
I thought today he came up with an okay compromise- asking Richard what he would like to do- force him to to weeding or letting him off the hook and Howard will get him great gift and dinner with him and Beth sometime.

What do you think? How do you think Howard Stern should have handled the Richard Christy wedding dilemma?

What does Texting 143 Mean? Why Does Sal’s Wife Text It To Her Emotional Friend?

This is not so obvious…
When you text 143 to someone it means, I Love You.


Its the number of letters in each word.
I = 1
Love = 4
You = 3

Poll- do you think Sal’s Wife, Christine had MORE than an emotional relationship with her “emotional friend?”

Artie vs. Sal and Richard

I HATE Sal with a passion. I do not think he is funny at. What I do find funny is everyone elses reaction to him. When he went through his stalking period back on KROC I was riveted.
I felt zero sympathy when his wife found an emotional friend. Last wek I was treated to all kinds of Sal related drama.

I of course will side wiht Artie. I do think both of them went over the limit. When both y kids are play fighting it gets on my nerves becaseu I know at they will eventually be a tipping pint where it isn;t fun anymore and some one starts to cry. This is what happend with Artie and Sal. The situation was bound to get out of control at some point and then some one got hurt.
SAl is an IDIOT for not getting whole whol social hierarchy thing. He NEVER gets it. He and Howard will never wathc Survivor and eat turkey burgers together. He will never have the same respoect and status on the show as Artie. I don’t know why he doesn’t get it. Its like some sort of social dysfunction.

Could Sal have ADD or even Aspergers Syndrome? Some one should get him tested.

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