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Does Robin Quivers Know It All Antics Bother you?

I have been listening since 1997and rarely have I missed a show. I do consider myself a SUPER fan.
Most people I know cant stand to listen so I normally listen to Howard Stern show alone,… doing housework.. cooking .. driving etc.
My ex-husband HATED him. Unusual fro the wife to ike Howard and husbnad no a fan, I know.
My most recent boyfriend has started listening and actually enjoys Howard ( yay!!!) .. The first few times he made stupid comment that a newbie would make and is only NOW starting to appreciate just ow GREAT Howard really is.
I happen to thin he is under rated as an interviewer and entertainer in general.
A mark of goof interviewer is someone who can make ANYONE interesting and Howard Stern can do it like no one else.
I still tune out when he goes gaga for porn stars but its listenable.
Last few times he has listened with me he has made comments- unsolicited form me- Have you ever noticed how Robin ALWAYS says she knows answer but then doesn’t?
Had to laugh out loud- after 4 shows he picked up on it!
He constant pretending to know the answer doesn’t bother me that much- we all know people in real life that do it- but I know it drives some people crazy.
Does it it bug you?

See Robin On The View- and Her Dress!

Robin Quivers on The View April 14, 2008. Howard discusses Robin various TV appearances last week, below is her appearance on THE View. Is the the dress they were talking about? I think she couldn’t move her arms because it was too short?

Information about Comedian Jim Florentine

Stern Show Listeners are more curious about comedian Jim Florentine now that he is dating Robin Quivers.

Who is Jim Florentine?

Born: August 18, 1965
Jim is well known for characters “Special Ed” and “Bobby Fletcher” from TV show Crank Yankers- a TV show featuring prank phone calls.

He is featured on Comedy Central, with show called “Meet the Creeps.”

His ex-girlfriend, Jade died at the end of 2006. She committed suicide. Jim discovered her body and he was deeply affected by the situation- which he has discussed on the Stern show and has since become involved with helping suicide support groups.

Jim asked Robin out on the air August 15, 2007. She accepted. She has been quite cagey about their relationship.

On March 25, 2008, Jim Florentine appeared on the Howard Stern Show, and along with Quivers, admitted that they have in fact had sex and are in an “exclusive relationship”.

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