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Mixed Marriage: When One Spouse Listens to Howard Stern and the Other Doesn’t

This was fascinating topic on yesterday’s Wrap Up Show. Gary mentioned that he calls these “mixed marriages” when one listens and the other doesn’t and in this case they were talking to woman who listened who had husband’s that didn’t. Hey, that’s me! Was the first time I ever really considered calling into the show.

Women Who Listen To Howard Stern Show

I am definitely in a mixed marriage! Aside from the fact that my husband is Jewish and I am not… just like the real future Mrs Stern.. :-) . I am a Howard Stern fan and husband is not.
I am an avid fan- I think I may even be a super fan. What exactly is the definition of a Howard Stern Super Fan?
I don’t think I have missed show since 2004 and before that an ongoing listener, By a show I mean the WHOLE show. There may be an easier way but I have radio capture on my PC and capture Ali the shows. If I miss a show I listen until I am caught up. Listen to the show in my car while driving kids around.. listen as I go to sleep and first the in the morning. Monday morning is my favourite time to wake up early and tune in to Howard Stern show.

How Often Do You Listen to Howard Stern Show?

When I start to think about it I m shocked- I listen about 4 hours a day. That’s is A LOT of time spent devoted to Howard Stern.
When you factor in that my husband is NOT a fan or listener is it even more odd. He doesn’t hate Howard but a long time ago in the 90′s he was really turned off by a show he did and was offended.
he doesn’t look down at me at all but he will look at me strangely if I have on in the a=car when we are together and I am laughing m hysterically when Howard interupts Eric the Midget and I try and explain why it is funny that Howard is picking on this wheelchair bound 40 obs guy with serious health issues.

Listening to calls on the wrap Up Show yesterday from woman in same position I think we seem to like the show for the same reason and dislike the same things. I also enjoy the time when they are just talking and catching up, having fights or busting balls.
I also love Howard interviews- he is fabulous.
I don’t hate but I do tune out any of the sybian porn star stuff. I will admit that I LOATHE most Sal and Richard gay stuff.
Sal makes me crazy. He REALLY hates woman. I feel very sorry for the poor kids who have to live with those two (Sal and Christine)

Curious what others think- especially women in “mixed” marriage. How much do you listen to show? Are you a super fan? What parts do you like/dislike?
I do not have any good friends that listen to Howard and it has become kind of a “closet” thing that only my good friends know.
I get very weird looks at La Leche League meetings if I mention my Howard obsession. One thing I may have in common with Victoria Zdrok :-)

Bird Sh*ts in Reporters Mouth Clip

Howard mention on the show today an clip on the internet of a reporter… the reporter is doing a story on the over population of birds and during the report- a bird sh*ts in reporters mouth.

Clip Of Bird Shitting in Reporters Mouth

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