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Bird Sh*ts in Reporters Mouth Clip

Howard mention on the show today an clip on the internet of a reporter… the reporter is doing a story on the over population of birds and during the report- a bird sh*ts in reporters mouth.

Clip Of Bird Shitting in Reporters Mouth

Miss Howard Stern- Danielle DeMarco Pictures and Video of Newest Miss Howard TV

Today on Howard Stern show they brought the newest ‘Miss Howard Stern” in for an interview. He name is Danielle DeMarco and she lives in Hoboken New Jersey… she is sometimes model and hairdresser. Howard loved her- saying she was a perfect 10. Fred disagreed.. thought she was a 9 and something was off with her face. Looking at picks I can kind of see what Fred means. Something with the nose- maybe a bit crooked. She is beautiful and has great body. She seemed receptive to dating Artie- or at least giving him a hair cut and have dinner. Howard, however I DO feel that Howard did cock-block Artie. Thank god for Robin who did everything she could to get Artie a date with Miss Howard Stern. I felt bad for Artie today. He seems to be going down hill week by week. I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t come back in the New Year.

Here are some pics and video of latest Miss Howard Stern:

New Miss Howard Stern – Danielle DeMarco Lingerie Video


Pics of Miss Howard Stern-Danielle DeMarco
Miss Howard Stern Danielle DeMarco

Miss Howard Stern Reality Show Debuts

Andrea Ownbey, aka Miss Howard Stern gets her own tv show. This woman really is a train wreck. But one you have to slow down to watch. Howard hit it on the head this week when he said she was like a “sad” version of Anna Nicole Smith.

Watch the Miss Howard Stern Reality Show below.


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