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Paula Gloria on Howard Stern Show Today- and on Howard 101 Tonight

Picture of Paula Gloria

paula gloria on howard stern show
The WACKY Paula Gloria connected with sympathetic empathy on the Howard Stern Show today. Sh espoused her theories on 911 ( never happened), sex ( she doesn’t have ti any more). met “Rusty” AND we find out she will have an hour long show tonight on Howard 101. Her show is usually called Down the Rabbit Hole but tonight she is changing the name to ” Deep Penetration” a term she uses also when talking about 9/11/. I tried very hard to get the gist of what she was saying- but still don’t know what she meant to say .

Is Paula now a Whack Packer? I think she has all the criteria to be a stern show whack pack member

NO Eric the Midget Movie???!!!!! Say it Isn’t So!

I am a die-hard Eric the midget fan. He is probably my favourite whack-packer. Yes, he is annoying and i LOVE to hate him.
I was pretty excited about the idea of Howard TV producing his “script” and making it into a movie – starring Eric and actors to be determined. Howard on Monday’s show green-lighted the project and bantied around some possible co-stars for the movie- John Stamos, Sarah Silverman and Melissa Gilbert.

Eric The Midget Says NO! to Howard TV Movie

Eric seemed excited about the project… then today in an unthinkable move- even for Eric- he called in and said no go.. that his family and friend would disapprove and he would find some one else to make the movie(!).
Oh no!! Even I was shocked as his stupidity!
But… he does keep things interesting and he is fascinating.

Miss Howard Stern Reality Show Debuts

Andrea Ownbey, aka Miss Howard Stern gets her own tv show. This woman really is a train wreck. But one you have to slow down to watch. Howard hit it on the head this week when he said she was like a “sad” version of Anna Nicole Smith.

Watch the Miss Howard Stern Reality Show below.


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