Too much elephant boy on Howard Stern!

Meant to post this yesterday- some of Howard Sterns whack packers really creep me out and Elephant Boy is top of my skeave out list. I can’t stand him!
Today had to hear his creepiness throughout interview with woman eating dog food and then another what seemed like an hour interview. Too much !!!!
Am I alone in this ?

Will Howard Re-Sign to Sirius XM Satellite Radio?

My thoughts on whether on not Howard will resign and stay with Sirius radio are in a word – yes he will.
I think the guilt of all those people he cares about having to find jobs will kill kill him plus he has such and evolved work ethic. I have been noticing a lot of filibustering about what a great job he has done for Sirius which leads me to believe he is in some kind of negotiations.
I do think the format lf the show will change. I think the Howard Stern show may go to 3 days instead of four. Look for even longer and more frequent breaks-impossible 3 months off in the Summer.
And maybe even a time shift to later in day and no more 6 o’clock start time.

Listen to Sirius Radio and Howard Stern Show on Your iPhone

Listening to Sirius Satellite Radio On Your iPhone

This is very cool. It can be intimidating when you first look at it but follow the steps below and you will be able to listen to any Sirius channel on your iPhone in minutes. It will stream over wi-fi as well as 3G network. I recommend you use only over wi-fi unless you have an unlimited or VERY hefty data plan for you phone because live streaming will really suck up your data.
Note: You do need to be a subscriber to Sirius service for this to work.

I am pretty technically inclined ( for a girl) and set up easily. The sound quality is excellent and no hiccups (so far).

Here is How to Listen to Sirius Radio on an iPhone

All of these apps are done on your PC- you do not install anything on your phone. The only things you do with your phone is go to URL with Safari and sign into to hear live streaming.

- Install uSirius on your computer. This needs to be set up on a computer- not your phone.
Direct download link for uSirius App
After install set up in setting your Sirius username and password.
usirius screenshot

Later you will go to “channels” and copy/paste the URL for the channel you want to hear in Orb.

- Sign up for a free account at on the same computer you installed uSirius. ( do not install on your phone)

Login to your or Orb account ( on PC). Go to the uSirius app you previously installed and go to “custom channels” copy the URL for channel you want to add, go to your Orb account and in Audio-Internet Radio “Add” this channel by giving channel a name and pasting in the URL You can add as many as you like.

orb screenshot

Now you are ready to listen to any Sirius channel your iPhone!
Go to Safari and browse to Login and go to Internet Radio Favorites and you should,l see the channel you added. Click “play” icon and you will hear Robin and Howard arguing :)

Any problem with being able to hear your Sirius radio over your iPhone with this method let me know and I will try and help.

So What If Artie Lied About Going To Therapy – Get Over it.

Was the logical thing to do. People lie when the don’t; trust you with the truth.
He know he would disappoint them if he was honest and wanted to avoid the pain.
Howard, Robin, etc, say they don;t care its his life than go on about how he lies and how hurt they are.
BUGS me.
Artie brought up the point too that they are also his employer. Despite what Howard keeps saying why would Artie tell Gary- the producer of the show stuff that might compromise his job.
The way to handle this situation with Arie is to
a) Fire/suspend/warn him next time he is late/doesn’t show up.
5) Ignore it
3) Admit you are using and exploring his problems for your and the audiences entertainment and get over it.
It really bugs me that we keep hearing what a great guy Howard is ( and I am sure he is) and then he gets on there air and is an asshole/ Its like we are supposed to forgive his assholiness because off the air he is a good guy.
I enjoy Howard Stern a lot and think he is hilarious- this sanctimonious stuff drives me crazy. He is a user- he uses people .

This is my biggest beef with him. What makes it not funny is when people don;t know they are being used.
I think Eric the midget gets he is being used. I think High Pitched eric knows he is being used.
I don’t think Wendy the Retard or Gary the Retard or Beetlejuice are being used.
This ALWAYS gives me the creeps and is very unfunny to me.
I would go so far to say it is bully-ing behavior and abusive.

I think part of Aries self-loathing is he gets that he is being used and he is angry- this is what I think he meant when he blew u at Howard when Howard intimated that He was Artie’s bro. he is angry that he is the class clown/ town drunk / court jester and dances around trying to make the King laugh.
They are not bros. Howard may think he cared for Artie but he is suing him just the same.
Poor Artie.
I love him dearly and think he needs to get off the show to get healthy or be in therapy to help him separate the real from the not real. stay with the show and use it or or leave,

Artie Lange’s Book ” Too Fat to Fish” Now Available!

Artie’s Book is Out!
Too Fat to Fish

Its been a long time coming. Artie has been talking about this book Too Fat to Fish for months on Howard Stern radio program and it is finally released today.
Are we enabling Artie by buying the book and giving him more money? Rewarding his for his “bad” behavior? Do you feel even a little bit guilty that money from his book may go to support his drug/alcohol/gambling addictions?

If you are buying Artie’ book is it the same as giving spare change to a homeless guy?

Does it matter? No. Artie is a grown man and can do what he wants with his money. Its a fair exchange. Revel in shadenfreunde aas you read about his drug use, arrest, death of his father, on goin love affair with hookers and Arties breakup with Dana in his tell all (?) book.

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